Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Did The Government Try To Use Jay-Z To Get To Assata Shakur?

Government Tried To Use Jay-Z

Jay-Z_President Obama

Oh…this is not a good rumor for Obama. But the word on the street is that the US Gov. attempted to get at Jigga Man to get to Pac’s step auntie! Remember, last month, the cops in NJ were foaming at the mouth over Assata, labeling her a terrorist like she was the female Bin Laden. Meanwhile, we still neglect that George Bush killed innocents on the premise that…nahhhhh…y’all don’t want me to get to preaching, do you!?! Anyway, America has a hard-on for Assata as she lives peacefully in Cuba.

Increasingly it is becoming clear that the Obama administration in preparation for its change in its Latin American policy has been using Hip-Hop millionaires as pawns to cover some of its most unsavory actions. Only a few astute old activists recognized early that Obama was using Pop-culture like Richard Nixon used Ping Pong diplomacy in opening up China to a new US diplomacy.

The recent visit of Millionaire Rap Mogul Jay-Z and his wife BeyoncĂ© to Cuba served as a cover for unofficial back-door communications to the Cuban government conveying the Obama’s intentions to modify or lift the four decade old illegal embargo/blockade of Cuba and that the presence of former Black Panther, and Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur could hinder or derail this diplomacy. Jay-Z’s delegation included a State-Department “reliable” personage who transmitted the Obama’s administration’s position.  Once the Republican/Right got wind of this overture they screamed bloody murder, but could do little about it as lifting the Cuban Blockade is now crucial to the US reasserting dominance in a post Castro-Chavez Latin America as the geo-economic center for Latin American nations. So Assata is a pawn in the chess game of US imperial diplomacy.


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